Chilling in West Village

These are taken on May 24th at West Village. Me and my friend, Axel went to West Village just to walk around. I mostly asked him to take pictures of me because I was dressed up to all black.

The weather was really good that day. I also tried street photography, I asked a random girl on the train if I can take picture of her because her makeup caught my attention. 

Photos were taken by Canon EOS Rebel SL2, with 50mm f/1.8 lens. 

Visiting a friend

Photos are taken on May 23rd when I visited a friend, Cindy. She recently moved to a new apartment and adapted a doggo, her name is Alma. She is only 6 months old. She is such a cutie and I had a great time with both of them 🐶

Photos were taken by Canon EOS Rebel SL2 with 50mm f/1.8 lens. 

The Spot

Forest park and Victory field is always my hang out spot because I live around and I used to practice there when I was in track team in my high school. Today, me and my friend went to the old spot, we called it the “abandoned railroad.” This is the spot where everyone in my high school would mostly go and hang around. 

The photo above was the first time going there with my friend, Melissa. Funny story was that my friend and I actually got lost in the forest and couldn’t find this spot. When we were planning on leaving, we found the route to get to the railroad. This picture was taken when I just graduated from high school. 

Today me and my friend, Joseph, randomly went back here, and I think it would be a good chance to take a photo with the same posture. This time we didn’t get lost going to the spot, but we got lost on our way out LOL No matter I am graduated from high school or not, this park is and will always be the great spot hanging out with my friends and workout. 

I also had a photo shoot one time during winter with my friend, Axel. I wore the wrong pair of shoes that day, and it wasn’t fun. It still had snow everywhere, and it was hard to walk. However, I love the photos we got that day, especially we went around the time when the sun was setting. 

My film photography journey

Soooo, I was looking back the photos I took using film camera, and they remind me of the first picture I ever taken using a film camera. My friend Kevin was the person who taught me how to use a film camera. There’s a scale in the viewfinder. All you need to do is adjust the aperture and shutter speed in order to make the “needle” stay in the middle of the scale. It mean it’s at the right exposure. 

This is the first picture I took using a film camera. Later on, I asked my uncle to borrow his film camera to me, and this is how I start my film photography  journey lol I really love the texture of the pictures, it’s so raw and it’s something digital camera can’t give you. Of course you can edit your picture and make it look grainy but it’s different. Also, film photography is always giving me surprise because I don’t remember what I have taken most of the time, and the photos only be revealed when you develop and scan them. 

 I will post more photos in the future and the stories behind them, so stay tuned!

Beanz and Coolman

Last Saturday I went to a pop-up store at  368 Broadway, and it’s owned by Casey Neistat

This event is organized by two main artists: Harry Hambley and Danny Casale

I know Harry Hambley through the sticker on Instagram. The character he created is called Bean (the pink guy at the right). His instagram page usually post the little comics and most of them are so related to our real life. 

Image result for ketnipz

And Danny created many different characters. I know him from Facebook videos. The one I love the most is “Snakes have legs.” I love his videos because they are funny, it’s stupid but it’s funny lol

I am excited to know that they collaborate with each other and having an event in NYC. The pop-up store opened at 2-6pm, and they provided free coffee. There’s many decorations in the store which allowed people to take pictures with. They also sell their merch. I am glad that I can see both of the artists and tell them how much I like their works. It’s not easy to create a character and be famous from it. I think their humor also a big part why they are famous. Also, the people who went to the pop-up store were so nice. You can just talk to a random person and you can start a whole conversation with them. I remember my friend and I was talking with a guy in the store, we talked about tattoos, and he just show us his tattoos. 

Here are some pictures I took in the event.