Spring is here ?

Last Saturday, me and my friend went to Flushing Meadows-Corona Park to see cherry blossom. Those trees were al around the globe (best place to take pictures with). He and I picked a tree and dropped our stuffs. Ready to shoot. 

I brought my tripod also, so I was able to remote my camera using my phone. We can take group pictures without asking other people. The app for canon cameras is amazing, I was able to see the position of where I was standing through the screen, and I can tap on the places I want it to focus on. 

These are the pictures I was satisfied with, and I hope you guys like them. 

Feeling lost…

I have been feeling lost for a while. 

It’s like I am making things more complicated than it should be. I always think how others see me, but how am I see myself? Do I even know myself? 

I am scared of getting hurt, I am scared that I get used again. But what if I just assuming people are using me when they are not? 

What if I depend on people so much and I forgot to actually take care of myself? 

Should I even talk to him? How does he see me? Does he miss me? What if I just overthink? What should I do? Do I need to care how others see me? There’s so many questions in my head right now. 

Can someone even help me? Or do I need to figure it out on my own no matter what? 

I feel like a mess, I am a mess. 


Visiting Andy Warhol

Last Saturday I went to Whitney Museum of American Art with my friend Michael. Since the exhibition of Andy Warhol is closing on Sunday, we went there to catch the last moment. 

It was a really good day to go out because the weather was really nice, the only bad thing was too windy that day. Especially the museum is near the sea, my hair was all mess when I was out. It was really packed that day because everyone wanted to see Andy Warhol’s art. We still got to take some nice pictures with Andy Warhol’s art. 

I really love going to museums, I guess it’s because I like the atmosphere and people in the museums. Everyone are dressing up nice and having different thoughts about the same piece of art. It’s just interesting. Also, science museums are also fun to go because I get to learn about something around us, such as land form, space, animals, etc. The interior design of museums are also one thing to be appreciated with. Everything are so organized, and each object in the museum is having its own space and spotlight. 

Hope you enjoy the photos I took 🙂

My first collaboration

This was my first collaboration with my friend, Peter. I met him from my PSY 319 class (cognitive psych) last semester. One day, I saw him posting a story on Instagram asking for a photographer in NYC. I hit him up immediately. 

We talked about some ideas, and I showed him some examples to see if he likes it. We went to Dumbo and York Street train station to get this shoot done. It was really fun to help my friend and the result came out nicely. 

He was happy with the pictures, which I was happy to hear ?

I am looking forward for more collaborations with my friends or any talented artists. I can practice more in photography and hopefully I will improve sooner.  

The Vessel?!

Last week, The Vessel in Hudson Yard is finally opened. It will be the new attraction in New York. But people’s reactions are not that positive.

Look at the design of The Vessel,

Image result for vessel hudson yards

To be honest, it looks like a bee nest with lots of staircases. Although the view is nice when you get up there, is it worth the money to build something like this?  In my opinion, I think the company should use the money into something else.

Also, people need to do reservation online in order to up the Vessel. WHAT THE HELL? Do we really need to do reservation to go up bunch of stairs? Just hope they will cancel this idea afterwards.

There’s also news about the company set the rule about whoever took pictures there and post it on social media, the company will have right to use your picture immediately. It sounds ridiculous to me.

Anyways, doesn’t matter how much I rant because I will still do my reservation, and take pictures over there LOL


This is my very first blog on my website. YES, my own website.

I will use this website for my photography mostly. Maybe for some rant as well.

I usually take landscape pictures, but recently I start taking more portrait pictures as well. I am excited for what I will do and produce this  year. Sooooo, stay tuned.

Camera: Canon Rebel SL2 Lens: Canon EF-S 18-55mm F4-5.6 IS STM Taken by: Vivian Ho Location: Dumbo, Brooklyn

I use Canon 200D (rebel SL2) and my phone LG V40.

Also, I have an instagram page named @captured.by.viv , and it’s slowly growing. This page will be a detailed post so definitely check that out as well.