Sweet moment ☕️

The weather during spring break was horrible. It’s raining and cloudy all the time, so I barely went out.

On Sunday, me and my friend went to Chinatown because we been staying in the house for so long and we wanted to go somewhere. There’s a cafe called “Sweet Moment,” and the food over there is really cute. I ordered a strawberry matcha waffles and a red velvet milk tea.  They were tasty!!!

Then we just walked around and walked to SOHO. It’s my friend’s first time to go to Chinatown, so I showed her around. It’s a fun day, and that’s the only day I actually hung out during this break. 

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  1. I honestly love all of your pictures that you have captured and posted here and your instagram. Your photos are all beautiful and incredible. Great job and keep it up!

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