Beanz and Coolman

Last Saturday I went to a pop-up store at  368 Broadway, and it’s owned by Casey Neistat

This event is organized by two main artists: Harry Hambley and Danny Casale

I know Harry Hambley through the sticker on Instagram. The character he created is called Bean (the pink guy at the right). His instagram page usually post the little comics and most of them are so related to our real life. 

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And Danny created many different characters. I know him from Facebook videos. The one I love the most is “Snakes have legs.” I love his videos because they are funny, it’s stupid but it’s funny lol

I am excited to know that they collaborate with each other and having an event in NYC. The pop-up store opened at 2-6pm, and they provided free coffee. There’s many decorations in the store which allowed people to take pictures with. They also sell their merch. I am glad that I can see both of the artists and tell them how much I like their works. It’s not easy to create a character and be famous from it. I think their humor also a big part why they are famous. Also, the people who went to the pop-up store were so nice. You can just talk to a random person and you can start a whole conversation with them. I remember my friend and I was talking with a guy in the store, we talked about tattoos, and he just show us his tattoos. 

Here are some pictures I took in the event. 

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