Being Late=irresponsible⌚️

Let me give out some background stories…

Basically I have started working with my professor for some research this semester. I got my training and courses done, so I can collect data on my own.

This research lasts three days per participant, so they need to come for three days straight to the lab. 

Last week, we got one participant who was late for three days. His appointment was 1 – 2 pm. However, he got to the room at 1:45pm. We have told him to be on time the next day, and said he will. However, he is one dat later than the other. 

As the result, we had to cancel his appointment and gave him partial credits.

To be honest, we would hope you to be on time to our lab is because we have tight schedule. I think in every situation in general. Being on time means you are responsible in a time manner and respecting other people’s time.  Being late for 3 days straight is really ridiculous. 

I still remember he told me that he usually go out this time because his class is at 2. Ummm….. If our appointment is at 1 pm, should you be leaving your house one hour earlier then?

Hopefully this case won’t happen in any participants in the future. 

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