In the Dark

Recently, I keep listening to one song. It’s by Joji named “Slow Dance In The Dark.” 

Joji used to be a famous Youtuber, and he always do some weird stuffs on his channel. I don’t really like his videos because I always think he is promoting some kind of weird message. Maybe his jokes are too dark? IDK

But holy shxt, once he announced he will not produce any videos and start becoming a singer, I didn’t give any hope because I think he will sing some genres which will sound strange. I changed my thoughts after hearing this song, and it’s amazing.

The song and the music video create a depressing mood. I like to listen to it when I am laying on my bed and just put on my headphones. It’s a good decision for him to be a singer because he is really talented, and he has a good voice. 

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  1. I didn’t know you listened to Joji! But yeah, when Frank made the transition to YouTuber to artist people were kinda disappointed because he was a… unique YouTuber lol.

    But when we found out it was taking an affect on his health we understood and supported his decision, but I’ll admit even though I knew he could sing pretty well I didn’t expect the success he found as Joji.

    In the Dark was probably the first song I actually listened to from him which I was surprised by. It was a lot more mellow than I expected (probably because I was bringing my own bias into it), but I was definitely something I could enjoy. Like you it’s something you can just kind of wallow in, is the best I can explain and it’s something you sort of seem to agree with as well, which helps me think I’m not a total moron lol.

    1. I understand why you would have bias on his music since his image on Youtube is really weird lol
      And I wonder what genre you expected me to listen to, let’s see if you guess it right lol

  2. Yeah Joji used to be known as Filthy Frank on Youtube and his videos were considered dark humor and a bit toxic. He had to strain his voice making the videos. He stopped making the videos because he’s always wanted to make music and his videos were affecting his health. I’m glad you like his music.

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