Life updates (summer vacationnnnn)

Hey y’all, I am back! I know I haven’t updated my blog for a month. I started working in school and about to start taking driving lessons during this summer. And now I have more time to shoot more and explore more places in NYC. This summer is going well so far. I have been multiple places and events. However, working in school makes me feel like I am not having my summer vacation at all haha. I like working though not going to lie, at least I am not staying home and doing nothing. 

Last Saturday, my friend and I went to Brookfield Place, we went skateboarding. I have’t skated for a year or two, but I slowly pick it back up. The weather wasn’t so nice at first, and I was afraid that I would make my board wet. Luckily, the weather turns better as time went by. We skated from Battery Park up to SOHO. 

Here are some pictures I took throughout the day, 

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