My film photography journey

Soooo, I was looking back the photos I took using film camera, and they remind me of the first picture I ever taken using a film camera. My friend Kevin was the person who taught me how to use a film camera. There’s a scale in the viewfinder. All you need to do is adjust the aperture and shutter speed in order to make the “needle” stay in the middle of the scale. It mean it’s at the right exposure. 

This is the first picture I took using a film camera. Later on, I asked my uncle to borrow his film camera to me, and this is how I start my film photography  journey lol I really love the texture of the pictures, it’s so raw and it’s something digital camera can’t give you. Of course you can edit your picture and make it look grainy but it’s different. Also, film photography is always giving me surprise because I don’t remember what I have taken most of the time, and the photos only be revealed when you develop and scan them. 

 I will post more photos in the future and the stories behind them, so stay tuned!

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