The Spot

Forest park and Victory field is always my hang out spot because I live around and I used to practice there when I was in track team in my high school. Today, me and my friend went to the old spot, we called it the “abandoned railroad.” This is the spot where everyone in my high school would mostly go and hang around. 

The photo above was the first time going there with my friend, Melissa. Funny story was that my friend and I actually got lost in the forest and couldn’t find this spot. When we were planning on leaving, we found the route to get to the railroad. This picture was taken when I just graduated from high school. 

Today me and my friend, Joseph, randomly went back here, and I think it would be a good chance to take a photo with the same posture. This time we didn’t get lost going to the spot, but we got lost on our way out LOL No matter I am graduated from high school or not, this park is and will always be the great spot hanging out with my friends and workout. 

I also had a photo shoot one time during winter with my friend, Axel. I wore the wrong pair of shoes that day, and it wasn’t fun. It still had snow everywhere, and it was hard to walk. However, I love the photos we got that day, especially we went around the time when the sun was setting. 

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